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Hi there, good to see you here!

We are Greta & Jan Navel, two germans in their mid thirties passionate about foreign cultures, countries and people - simply traveling. After more than a decade as successful and prosperous employees in a global corporation we no longer wanted to contribute our lives to rivalry, competition and business above all. It took a severe disease followed by a full year honeymoon world-trip to find the courage to escape the well-known hamster wheel.

We decided to live a long cherished dream: traveling the world  in an old Puch. Converted with fervent energy from the scratch into a home on wheels. The corona pandemic ironically was the perfect timing for the project of our lifetime. We share our story because we want to inspire all those out there to explore more.

Follow us on our journey around the globe: FOLLOWTHENAVELS

Happy to hear from you:

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Greta & Jan

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